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sumcheekymonkey's Journal

Star Gazin'
2 July
I am open to what the universe has to offer as it has barely ever steered me in the wrong direction. My life has been interesting so far, full of love and challenges. My appreciation for women, queerness and kink has deepened and become an important part of my identity. I have learned that I am not only attracted to girly girls but tranny boys and bears, mmm bears. I have begun writing sex toy reviews in the last year and hope to improve on this skill. To that end I have a sex filter on here (let me know if you want the add). I also have a private real and fantasy sex blog (again, message me if you want site information). I have a never-ending curiosity about life and people and ask lots of questions. I like to watch people have sex.

I love my community deeply. I am becoming more of an environmentalist. I may become a midwife one day. I love touch and love to give and receive massage. I am spiritual but not religious per se. I enjoy cooking and eating with others. Food is good. I am slowly learning to love my belly.

I have body piercings and am into body modification. I don't have any tattoos yet but have ideas of the art that I will eventually have on my body. I love punk music especially. I love laughing. I also love to come hard and be taken down into submission. I am a service slut but consider myself a switch tho' I don't have the opportunity to top much.